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Therapy for Couples

Therapy for Couples

Maintaining intimacy, connection and communication over time may prove to be difficult even in the best of loving marriages. Couples therapy helps decrease conflict and distance in the relationship while increasing a sense of harmony, intimacy and teamwork. Taking the time to slow down and create the stability and calm you need in order to work on the needs of each partner and the relationship as a whole will create more unity and communication. Helping both partners to understand what is required from each partner in order to move the relationship in the right direction is important.

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Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling can help intimate partners identify areas likely to cause conflict later on such as parenting, career goals, finances and other family dynamics and lifestyle factors. It is crucial to work on these issues early on in the relationship and develop a plan to address them so they don’t become a source of contention between the couple. Things that come up down the road that could be worked on before marriage are creating shared meaning, knowing each other’s worlds, accepting partners’ influence, understanding and managing perpetual conflict. Most couples have perpetual problems but don’t work on managing or accepting them in a way that is sustainable. It also helps better understand each partner’s expectations about marriage and building a future together. In premarital counseling you will address fears about marriage/commitment and explore concerns about each partner’s personal and family history. If you want to develop a healthy relationship from the beginning contact us to help you achieve this!

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-L. Frank Baum

Trusted by our clients

Ms. Alexa has provided exceptional service and has truly had an emotional positive impact on the life of my child. She is a very knowledgeable and dedicated professional!

~ C.P., Bergenfield

Rebecca is a caring and compassionate therapist. I look forward to my sessions each week! This is the first time that I found a therapist I truly connect with.

~ Client

Rachel creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for teens where they feel comfortable to open up about their issues. She is able to connect and help her patient’s work through issues. She works with them to create tools to help navigate through their mental turmoil and help them to keep moving forward. She also works with parents to help them understand what and how to help their child. She is amazing.

~ R.C., Wyckoff