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At Wellness Counseling, based in New Jersey, we help children, families and adults. We support clients going through a difficult transition at home or school. We assist clients who are experiencing stress, anxiety, depression and self-doubt. Our therapists comfort clients navigate a challenging situation and look forward to working with clients to achieve their goals.

Our belief is that we can’t change difficult situations of the past, but we can work together to better understand and resolve challenges.

Our office strives to meet my clients’ emotional needs in order to understand their world-views, experiences and struggles. It is a privilege to accompany a client towards a journey of well-being. Therapy can inspire positive change in the lives of clients.

Although it is important to discuss past issues we believe much change can occur by not rehashing the past and creating ways to move forward. By applying different therapy approaches and techniques, we will alter long-standing behavior patterns and negative perceptions that hold clients back from experiencing a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

When needed, our therapists partner with guidance counselors, teachers and administrators to access the resources they need. And we collaborate with pediatricians, school nurses, psychiatrists and other medical professionals to help our clients manage anxiety, depression and other issues.

From managing major transitions like relocating and divorce to improving family dynamics, we help clients reconnect with their inner strength, reduce anxiety and conflict, heal their relationships and rediscover the joy in their lives.

Wellness Counseling is a private therapy practice specializing in encouraging children, families and adults in making flourishing decisions and positive change in their lives.

As Founder of Wellness Counseling, it is my privilege, and my passion to support you in finding healthy ways to establish harmony and balance in your life.

Yours truly,
Dr. Jennifer Politis



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