Therapy for children (8+)

THERAPY FOR Children (8+)

Children carry & react to stress in multiple different ways. They know that their world is changing but it can be tricky to navigate difficult transitions and find the words to express how they feel and what they need.

We support children and adolescents who are experiencing big shifts in their lives. As counselors, it is our job to help guide children from a young age and give them the tools they need to process difficult situations and understand their challenges.

Our counselors meet your child where they are at on their journey. Whether they are struggling with anxiety, depression, parent separation, lack of confidence, stress, etc. we cover all areas of mental health with a heavy focus on moving forward and giving them a safe space to feel the big feelings.

We won NJ moms Favorite Kids' Doc 2021
We won NJ moms Favorite Kids’ Doc 2021

Do any of the bullets below sound like your child?:

  • Experiences learning difficulties
  • Has low self-esteem or has experienced trauma
  • Has a difficult time expressing their emotions
  • Throwing tantrums or having meltdowns
  • Physical complaints–frequent headaches or stomach aches
  • Has experienced bullying or feels unsafe in social situations
  • Feels withdrawn, lonely or isolated
  • Appears to just “check out” completely, space out or hold attention
  • Autism, Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, brain injury or is very hyperactive
  • Parents are going through a divorce

You may see that with one of these, comes another. We are here to assist and move the focus to healing and inspire positive change.

If you feel like this would be beneficial for your adolescent, we provide in office services or telehealth sessions as well. We Look forward to working with you and your child.

Contact us and start your healing journey today.

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