Building Self Esteem In Teenage Girls

Building Self Esteem In Teenage Girls

In a world where our teenagers are being taught from the time they are children what they should look like, what to wear, that their body should look a certain way to be accepted…the list goes on; it is important, now more than ever, to instill that loving and accepting themselves is the most pivotal decision they will make as young girls.
In our therapy sessions, our counselors will help:

  • Build trust
  • Inspire self-acceptance
  • Encourage autonomy
  • Talk about the importance of advocating and finding their voice
  • Challenge her to look inward for validation
  • Remind her of the power in numbers; supporting her peers
  • Welcome failures as a part of growing and learning

She needs to be reminded that she is loved and unique in order to build the confidence she needs to understand the importance of her self-worth.

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