Therapy for Teens

Therapy for Teens

The teenage years come with a lot of changes in hormones, emotions, and mood. Puberty can begin around 9 years old and last throughout high school. The brain is still rapidly developing, which can play a significant role in behavior and decision making.

Adolescents are more inclined to misinterpret situations and emotions, engage in risky activities, and act on impulse. Having a better understanding of how your teenager is perceiving the world, will help you as a parent how to help them and anticipate what might be the best way to support them through this roller coaster of a time

There are effective tools that our therapists use to help your teen build confidence, set boundaries, and deal with their feelings. They may be feeling out of control which can lead them to develop negative self-talk. We are here to better understand and resolve these challenges that are difficult to cope with.

Along with all of the raging hormones and ups and downs that come during the teen years, if your teenager is experiencing anxiety or stress on top of it all, it may feel as though they are drowning; leaving them exhausted and frustrated with no immediate outlet.

Therapy can inspire positive change in a young and growing teenager no matter where they are in life. We help clients reconnect and find with their inner strength to reduce anxiety and conflict.

Be conscious of any behavioral change in your teenager. Symptoms of depression and emotional trauma can look a little different than an adult might. They might be experiencing peer pressure at school, bullying in sports, a stressful family situation where they do not feel safe or understood.

Some signs may include:

  • appearing sad, irritable, or tearful
  • changes in appetite or weight
  • a decreased interest in activities your child once found pleasurable
  • a decrease in energy
  • difficulty concentrating
  • feelings of guilt, worthlessness, or helplessness
  • major changes in sleeping habits
  • regular complaints of boredom
  • talk of suicide
  • withdrawal from friends or after-school activities
  • worsening school performance

Our therapists are equipped with the knowledge of how to teach your teenager how to navigate a challenging situation, find hope and achieve their goals.

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